September 17, 2018

The RVC HyperAccelerator

Unlike other accelerators the RVC HyperAccelerator doesn’t take your valuable equity and doesn’t take twelve weeks of your venture’s life. The accelerator has a low fee to cover the costs of providing the program and founders exit with a lot of acceleration and no loss of equity. You’ll get exposure to the Rockies Impact Fund team and experienced mentors. Impact companies are special and have specific requirements for success , while also doing all the work that non-impact companies do. Impact companies still need a solid go to market strategy, capital plan, legal basics, strategic planning, believable proformas, valuation, exit strategies, pitch coaching, and term sheets to negotiate with investors. And a compelling pitch for demo day!

What is the HyperAccelerator?

The Rockies Venture Institute’s HyperAccelerator is a unique and innovative program to develop and prepare tech, healthcare, and consumer product companies in a one-week immersion program that covers all the bases for venture capital and fast growth startup strategy. Companies that graduate from the program are more likely to raise angel and VC funding and are better able to grow quickly while achieving measurable objectives.


RVC HyperAccelerator 12 Week Accelerators
Duration 6 Days

12 Weeks

Required to be on-site for three months  redx  greencheck
Demo Day greencheck  greencheck
Multiple Mentors  greencheck  greencheck
Product/Market Fit  greencheck  greencheck
Pitch Development  greencheck  greencheck
Exit Strategy Canvas  greencheck  redx
Five Valuation Methods  greencheck  redx
Completed Term Sheet  greencheck  redx
Strategic Plan  greencheck  redx
Believable Proforma Developed  greencheck  redx
Complete Capital Strategy  greencheck  redx
Small $2995 Fee  greencheck  redx
Capital investment by Accelerator $20-125K  redx  greencheck
Takes 6-10% Equity from companies  redx  greencheck


Don’t get us wrong – we like twelve week accelerators!  They’re our friends and we mentor in their programs and encourage RVC investors to participate in all local demo days.  They’re just not for everyone.  Think of the HyperAccelerator as “The Thirteenth Week”.  We fill in the gaps left by most accelerators in a fraction of the time.

The HyperAccelerator is our answer to the problem many companies face when choosing accelerators. i.e. are you prepared to move your company to another city for twelve weeks and give up 6-10% of your equity in order to participate in an accelerator?  The HyperAccelerator program is offered by the Rockies Venture Institute, a 501C3 non-profit and it charges a small fee to cover the costs of the program, but lets companies keep all of their equity.  Additionally, it’s designed so that out of state participants can come to Denver for a week and return to work after the program without having to worry about housing, being apart from families or other strategic challenges – it’s like going on a super-intense vacation for a week!

Communities, corporate sponsors and economic development organizations can organize local HyperAccelerators in order to jump start local investment in startups within their communities.  Rockies Venture Institute offers an Angel Accelerator program that provides hands-on learning for High Net Worth individuals so that they can become active accredited investors (angel investors) and support their local communities while earning market-beating returns.  Contact us for licensing and live delivery options for the HyperAccelerator and Angel Accelerators for your community.