June 21, 2016


Any startup in Colorado who plans to seek Angel investment should attend all of the RVC workshops. It's the best educational package available and will prepare you to secure the next conversation after you pitch. What a gem we have in Colorado!

JD, Entrepreneur, Boulder CO

The programs and community at RVC are an invaluable resource, providing critical education that is hard to find elsewhere. You do a great service to both Entrepreneurs and Investors in bridging the gap to understand each others' contributions and needs. Your "getting deals done" is an amazing service for commerce, dreams - and perhaps society. Please keep up the good work!

Debra Duke, Entrepreneur

RVC really "gets it" and sees the big picture, it's not just deals they are putting together, it is a unique symbiotic relationship and culture that is being developed in Colorado and will ultimately prove to be a model for the new way to finance start-up companies. RVC has proven this model works for all industries, including life sciences and biotech which are traditionally very difficult to fund. The RVC has done wonders to educate and promote these industries and for this I am extremely thankful.