September 2, 2020

Pandemic Tech HyperAccelerator

The RVC Pandemic Tech HyperAccelerator is designed to identify and grow the most promising innovators that are addressing the direct and indirect social, health, business, education and economic impacts of this, and future pandemics.  

We believe that within the next two years the innovation leaders will emerge that will become tomorrow’s unicorns.  These companies are finding opportunities in the cracks and fissures that have formed in the fabric of our social, economic and business processes.  While many industries are struggling, others are just getting ready to take off.

Pandemic Tech HyperAccelerator caters to companies that are creating “Pandemic Tech”.  That means that they are creating technology that innovates in how we identify, mitigate, and respond to pandemics to create resilience within organizations and communities.  We focus on the themes of Know Faster (pandemic surveillance, detection, GIS, Population health and AI), Fix it Faster (Rapid drug development platforms, devices, disinfection, contact tracing, tools, mobile and telemedicine), Make Work Work (Teleconnection, collaboration, business continuity, EdTech, employment tech enabling remote work), Do Better Next Time (Communication, Supply Chain, Food Security, process and manufacturing resilience).  

Examples include:

  • Healthcare: Using data, wearables, and VR to make care more accessible
  • Work: Sudden surge in remote work accelerates digital infrastructure adoption
  • Education: Technology and online content make the classroom optional
  • Manufacturing: 3D and automation technology boost industry’s agility and flexibility
  • Retail: Shopping goes even more online as grocery joins the e-commerce revolution
  • Customer service: Customer experience goes virtual with conversational AI
  • Finance: Demand for contactless options accelerates digital adoption
  • Security: Higher internet usage and data generation lead to increased investment
  • Entertainment: “Real world” goes online with virtual reality and virtual events
  • Food services: Social distancing propels take-outs and deliveries to success 

Companies in the Pandemic Tech HyperAccelerator should:

  • Have a market ready technology or service.
  • Be ready to scale quickly to meet the needs of a changing landscape.
  • Have a fully identified team that is ready to execute.

Companies in the Pandemic Tech HyperAccelerator can expect to gain:

  • Mentor driven strategic focus and investment readiness.
  • Hands-on experience with the tools to provide the information that VC investors need.
  • Completing all of the venture capital readiness tasks such as:
    • Company valuation.
    • Detailed equity term sheet
    • Deep exit strategy and industry outlook
    • Full capital stack strategy from first raise to exit.
    • Scaling strategy for rapid growth
    • Preparing and presenting a great venture capital pitch at the HyperAccelerator Demo Day.

The next pandemic is just around the corner and we’re still ten years behind – the Pandemic Tech HyperAccelerator is designed to prepare us for next time.

Learn More

RVC is hosting bi-weekly Pandemic Tech HyperAccelerator Info Sessions that are open to the public to learn more about the program. Visit the RVC events calendar to find the next session and you can review a recording of the 09/22/2020 Info Session here.