June 23, 2016


Kevin Morningstar

RVC Mentor Chair
Kevin Morningstar has over 30 years experience in the medical device industry. As a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Mr. Morningstar has been active in the Colorado startup community for over 15 years. Kevin currently serves at Rockies Venture Club as a member, angel investor, mentor, lead investor and syndication specialist, and is a general partner in the Rockies Venture Fund.

Ken Fricklas

A long time Denver entrepreneur, Ken has co-founded 5 companies and advised many others. He’s a technologist and internet pioneer, with deep knowledge of ecommerce, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, and devops, and is a frequent public speaker and author. Elsewhere, Ken helps organize TEDxBoulder, TechrIoT and 10.10.10.

Andrew McGregor

Andrew McGregor is currently a Board Member of the Kravis Leadership Institute in California and locally active as an angel investor/mentor and Board Member for Rockies Venture Club as well as an advisor with the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network. Best known for driving rapid growth and using leadership skills to build high performance organizations, Mr. McGregor has worked for both public and privately held companies.

Charles McGregor

Charles McGregor is an angel investor who focuses primarily on life science, clean technology, and financial technology. Along with Andrew McGregor, Charles concentrates on startups that are rapidly scaling, leveraging their experience in competitive strategy and organizational development.